Thursday, May 31, 2012

thursday stuff

I have had a hard time sleeping this week.

It really caught up with me today.  

I know the storms we have been having every night for the past 3 nights have had something to do with it.  But, also, just contemplating things.  

I'm the kind of person who works it out in my head how I think things will go.  When things do not work out that way, I sometimes have to step back and re-evaluate. I'll work through it, but change is hard for me. 

Giving of myself, however, is not hard. But, I do tend to wish others were just like me.
One lady who is very giving is my friend Berkli who invited me over for playgroup today.  It was so nice of her to think of me and include me and the kids. We all had a great time!

I wasn't sure we were going to be able to make it to the playgroup though.  I had very little sleep and this morning I really needed to get groceries and Koonta had an appointment at the vet.  I loaded everyone up by 7:45(!!!) and headed to Walmart. We got our goods and got back in time to take Koonta girl to the vet.

By the way, she doesn't enjoy the vet.  She has an inflammatory mouth problem and we decided that it was time to remove some teeth and hopefully give her some more relief.  Sooo, she will be going in for surgery in the morning.  I'm nervous because she is 11 years old now, but I'm hoping that it really helps her feel better.

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