Thursday, March 1, 2012

Braces & Breakdowns

I'm almost spent from this week. 
You saw how Monday went
Tuesday is my busy day of the week and this Tuesday had two more events added to it, so I was gone most of the day and nothing at home got accomplished. 
Well, I take that back. We were there to eat and sleep and make it messier, so stuff got accomplished, but not cleaning up! 
Wednesday was a big day. It was formal registration for kindergarten for B boy. 
I'm already more emotional about things than I was last year with C girl. 
With her, I knew that I was going to be doing this again. But now with him, I know this will be the last time.
 :::heart constrictions::: 
I also made a big decision yesterday. After 7 years of using a pre-paid cell phone, I got my very own phone again! 
People are always shocked when I say, I don't have a cell. Well, now I do, so I have joined the 21st century :-) haha. 
I'm not out of the loop. I'm always on Tim's iPhone or my iPad, so basically this only makes it easier for me to call people while I'm out and about. That was the reason for the decision. 
I used to ALWAYS be at home. But now, that I am always running here and there, it makes sense to need a mobile phone. 
The phone I ended up choosing was an Android phone. 
This is a big deal because I am an Apple product snob. I LOVE iPhones, iPods, and iPads. I haven't joined the Mac train yet though. 
I literally had a breakdown last night because this phone is SO different from what I know. I so wanted to go take it back today!!! BUT, I have learned a LOT about it today and I'm happy to say that I'm feeling much better today about my new phone :-)
I had to get up at the butt crack this morning and be out the door by 7 to head down south for my appointment with my orthodontist. 
I am NOT a morning person so it was crazy around here trying to get out the door on time. 
We had been on the track of getting my braces off soon. I was *supposed* to get my impressions done for my retainer today. 
However, things did not go as planned. One of my teeth had moved from position. 
SOOO, I am back in full wire and full chain on top. 
WAHHHHHHH!!!! So disappointing! 
It will be at least 3 months before they even think about doing impressions. 
I just passed the 4 year anny of wearing these things, so this was not welcome news.
And now that I have stuff back on my teeth, I am in agony
It is so painful, my mouth was really used to not having pressure on it!
I'm also way hormonal and emotional.
I'm hoping for a very happy Friday, Saturday & Sunday!

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