Friday, February 17, 2012

Waxing Nostalgic Part XX

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What fun C Girlie was at 11 months! She had learned to point at things and "talk" on her play phone!
She preferred real food over baby food anytime.  She was completely intrigued with the toilet and loved to bite on Daddy's fingers and laugh!  The kitchen cabinets became her new favorite toy and she started shaking her head to music that she liked!
During this time, I had another OB appointment and my cervix had shortened, so my doctor put me in the hospital for observation. I was almost 30 weeks.  I was there for 3 and half days and I missed my baby shower that was scheduled :-(
Both times I had been pregnant, I received steroid shots to help the development of the babies lungs in case of early delivery.  So, I was getting those at my appointments and they seemed to make me really hungry!
I was also having back pain again.  

The next month was SUCH an eventful time!!!!
The church had a baby shower for B Boy and we spent lots of time with C Girlie since we knew she wouldn't be an only child much longer! :-)
Right before C Girl turned one, her sweet baby brother was born!!!
My water broke in the wee hours of August 13, 2006- 6 weeks before B Boy was supposed to be here.
We drove furiously the 1 1/2 hours to our hospital.
When we arrived, I was dilated to 3cm.
The doctor was hoping to subdue my labor and keep the baby "cooking" for a few more days.
A few hours later, my contractions were really strong and they knew that he was coming that day. 
They induced with some pitocin and less than 3 hours later, our sweet boy had arrived!
We were all pretty worried since he was early and there were other babies being born that morning who were also early and having to be flown out to bigger hospitals with NICU's.
B Boy weighed 4lbs 15oz and was breathing great on his own! We were so thankful that he was doing well!
There are many more details, but long story short, he ended up not being able to keep his temperature regulated and he was also having trouble eating.  We ended up being in the hospital for 11 days and using a feeding tube for 6 days.  I was able to stay in a "parent room" at the hospital.  It wasn't the best accommodations, but I was SO thankful to be so close to my baby boy!
While I was at the hospital, Tim was at home caring for C Girl.  It was so hard not all being together at such a special time.  Tim and C Girl also got really sick for a few days during this time.  
I was so glad the day we finally brought B Boy home!
Three days after B Boy was born, C Girlie turned one! Daddy brought her to the hospital to visit B Boy and I.  I never would have imagined that was going to be how we spent her first birthday. 
She was so excited to meet her baby brother.  She LOVED to kiss him on the head.  She was never rough with him. She was always very gentle. 
Right after we brought B Boy home from the hospital, we finally were able to celebrate C Girlie's first birthday!  It was amazing.  She had a blast! Tons of family and friends came.  It is such a great memory for me.  I love that little brother was in his bassinet, not far from C Girl in this picture.  We had so much to be thankful for that day.

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