Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine

I know that I could write about my kids and the fun things we did for Valentine's and what they got for Valentine's, but today and every year, is all about Tim and I.  He is my Valentine. 

Valentine's Day was never too big of a deal in my life before I met Tim. Sure, I had had boyfriends and they probably got me stuff on Valentine's Day, but never have I ever been made to feel as special as Tim makes me feel.  Sometimes, I don't feel like I even deserve the love that he shows me.
We have been through many things since we have been married, but he has been by my side through it all.  I tell him everything, probably more than he wants to know for sure! 
We have fun together.  I love playing cards and games with him, watching movies with him, going to dinner with him. 
I love that he shows love to me in front of our children.  In our Bible Study, a quote was read recently- the best thing parents can do for their children is to have a healthy marriage.
And we have one and I feel so, so blessed.
He is the most wonderful father.  I wish all kids could have a daddy as great as Tim.  He usually has so much patience with the kids.  He spends time with them. He loves on them.  They truly feel special.  
Long ago(!) at the start of our relationship, he started "Valentine's Week." He starts a week before Valentine's and just gets little cards or notes to give to me every day that week.  It's so special and I have saved every little one of them. They mean so much to me.  The words he writes on them to me, showing his love for me are worth so much.
I pray already that both of the kiddos find someone who truly loves them and knows how to show it.  Of course I pray for other traits as well, but I want them to feel loved and to show love.
I hope I show Tim how much he means to me even half as well as he shows me.
I am so very thankful for my Valentine.

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