Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Catching Up...

We had a really great weekend this past weekend.  We spent Saturday visiting with my brother's and their families and my mom and dad.
On Sunday, we went to the home of our Sunday School teachers for a class Super Bowl Party!
Sunday night was a rough night here, so Monday everyone was extremely tired.  I did get good news at the dentist- I'm on the road to getting my braces off! Woohoo! This month is 4 years that I have been wearing them!
Yesterday, I skipped my weekly Bible Study to spend some one on one time with B boy :-) We had fun.
Today begins Tim and I's tradition of "Valentine's Week." I've already found a sweet little note from him!
Friday night, we are going out to dinner to celebrate Valentine's together.  We are trying out a new restaurant downtown and I can't wait!
And on Saturday, Tim is gonna watch the kiddos so I can go have girl time with a couple of friends and see The Vow. It looks like such a good girlie movie!
Here are some pictures from Saturday (most are of us holding babies!!!)-----
C girl holding Parker (she is obsessed with the babies!)
 Us girls holding Noah & Parker--
Noah & Parker checking each other out!
 Uncle Keithy and C girl!
Grandma holding Parker :-)
 B boy holding Parker!!!
Aunt Jessica and C girl!!!
 Silly Girls!!!

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