Friday, November 4, 2011

Waxing Nostalgic Part XVII

As C Girlie got bigger (3 months), she slept more at night, ate more, smiled a ton(!), and cooed all the time!
We called her "Booper Scooper!" Daddy would "boop" her on the nose and that was hysterical to her! 
We continued our tradition of carving a pumpkin at Halloween. 
She also stayed all night with Nan one night!
 At 4 months, she was laughing, rolling over, trying to pull herself up and had started some baby cereal. She started sucking on her two middle fingers too instead of taking a paci. She was in a size 2 diaper! She also started "talking."  She had her first Christmas too!
By 5 months, C Girlie was scooting on the floor and sleeping in her crib all night! She also lost all of her dark, dark hair she was born with. She turned into a little baldie! We also found out some amazing, unplanned news- you were going to be a big sister!!!!
What a sweet angel baby she was!!!

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