Monday, November 14, 2011

Bullet Points, Razorbacks & Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art trail

  • I was sick Thursday and Friday last week. Inevitably that = mucho laundry on Monday.
  • We did have fun at our Sunday school get together Friday night.  That was the murder mystery dinner.  
  • Saturday was the last home Razorback game of the season. It was also Senior Day. It was kinda sad seeing our seniors play their last home game.  But what a game it was!!!  It was very exciting to say the least.  
  • We were excited for Sunday evening when the BCS rankings came out.  We are #6 this week!!! This is the highest we have ever ranked in the BCS system!
  • It was unseasonably warm yesterday and today.  We decided to go for a hike and enjoy the beautiful weather.  We were gonna go to another trail, but decided to go on the Crystal Bridges trail to look at the completed museum (Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, founded by Alice Walton, for all those unfamiliar with Arkansas!) and see some of the newly opened trails.
  • We have not visited the museum yet, but plan to very soon!
  • We also visited our storage building to get our Christmas tree and sleds!
Construction at the museum in April-
The museum yesterday-
We also saw this lovely creature-
Hope you have a wonderful Monday!!!


  1. There are SO MANY DEER here. Plus season has started to they're heading for hiding places. None better than a museum! That deer is thinking "If I don't move, they'll think I'm modern art."

  2. There are a ton of deer. And I love seeing them, it's like a surprise when you are out in nature and they are there just staring at you!


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