Friday, October 28, 2011

Waxing Nostalgic Part XVI

Sweet C Girlie hiccuped all night her first night in this world! This really stressed Daddy out!
  We were able to take her home the very next day.  
We were so stressed out the whole drive home!  Tim and I were both so inexperienced. Neither one of us had even ever changed a diaper before!!!  

Everything about you since the day you were born has been on your terms.  You do things how you want to do them! It was impossible for us to get you to sleep in the bassinet.  You always wanted to sleep on your belly on Daddy's chest. 

During that first month, you were quite the night owl.  You liked to sleep during the day and party at night!  We were two very, very tired people!  

I'll never forget Hurricane Katrina making landfall when you were 2 weeks old.  I remember being up at 2am while I was nursing you, sitting in the glider chair and watching it on TV.

You smiled for the first time at almost 1 month.  You also liked to play "upsy daisy" which is when we would pull you up by your arms and you would lift your head up.  You wanted to be big already!
You had lots of tummy troubles when you were little bitty.  When you were two months old, we started using soy formula along with breast milk.  You had lots of reflux and spitting up still, though.
You were such a happy baby! You loved to smile and coo!
You had a "goopy" eye as well.  We had an appointment at Children's Hospital for a surgery to fix it, but right before the appointment, it got all better on it's own!
We were so thankful that God healed your sweet little eye!

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