Friday, July 1, 2011

A Vacation in Tweets

mommysparrowLenette Sparacino
-This is a two day drive people. Warning- I may be tweeting a lot!
-We are almost 2hrs into today's drive. 10 more to go.  
-We are now entering hour 3 of today's 12 hour drive. We just started a movie. The natives are restless. #Vacation2011
-Hour 4 of 12. Rice fields everywhere we look. #Vacation2011
-Hour 6 of 12. Just almost had an interstate collision. Dang drivers. #Vacation2011


  1. We just did a 12 hour drive too! To visit family since a step father had died. Glad you had a fun time! Your tweets were funny ;)

  2. I'm glad your traveling is done! I had to tweet to pass the time! lol


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