Monday, July 18, 2011

Is your Husband supportive of your blog?

That is my question of the day. 
I first began to think about this when I was reading a blog where the wife had put a lot of personal stuff out there about her marriage.  I began to wonder, is her husband okay with this?  Does he read her blog and know what she puts out there? 

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not saying it is wrong to put it out there and even that she needs his support, but I did ponder about it.

My blog is about my family, but I do try to be considerate to what personal things I put out on the Internet.  I think some things are better kept in a journal in your desk drawer! 

My hubs happens to be very supportive of me writing this blog.  He loves reading it.  I believe it gives him a nice glimpse into our daily lives and some of the things he misses while he is at work.  Plus, he feels like me, it is nice to look back and see what we were doing when those memories start to fade.(And, boy do they fade quickly!)

I put the question out on Twitter and these are some of the responses:

--my husband is very supportive and gives me ideas!

--ignorance is bliss. He doesn't pay much attention to it, unless he thinks I'm writing about him.

--I'd say supportive, though it makes me crazy that he never reads.

--very! He takes a lot of photos for me (outfit posts), & he reads it too, tells me what he likes ... it's sorta cute.

 --mine is!

--I should think many hubs are on board, it's a fairly inexpensive / free hobby! :)

So, it seems the consensus is that most husbands are supportive!

Is your hubby really into your blog?  Does he give you ideas or frequently read?

I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. I think you know how I feel since you quoted me :) my hubs likes my Blog.

    You are right that some things probably don't need to be said ... honestly you never know who is reading.

  2. Thanks for the quote :-)

    And I'm sure there are blog ettiquette classes out there, and a few people probably need to sign up! lol

  3. Yeah, he's supportive, which is really nice. I love hearing his comments about what my co-bloggers and I have written. We've also discussed as a couple what I will and won't talk about on the blog when it comes to our family. He's very private, so he doesn't want me sharing the kids' names and photos, which I respect.


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