Thursday, July 28, 2011

But I do it anyway

My eyes are heavy. All I can think today is meh. I don't feel like doing the million things that need to be done and could be done. 

But. I am a mother and things simply must be done. Sometimes the smile you see is only on the outside. On the inside, I am begging for nap time or another cup of coffee.

I get up and do things because they rely on me. Because I love them. Because they love me. 

Sometimes I wonder why being a woman is so hard. It is not me, but the mood swings that throw a wrench in my day. Sometimes hormones are high and sometimes they are low.

Sometimes there just aren't enough cups of coffee, but I do it anyway.  


  1. I feel this way all the time. You are not alone. As "mom" we always have to be 10 steps ahead of everyone so everything runs smoothly. Keep up the great job :)

  2. Brandon, thanks for visiting, your work looks awesome!

    Tracy- thanks for the kind words! :-)


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