Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthday planning, Goodwill, VBS, freedom, and a menu plan

So, the kiddos have their birthdays next month.  We usually indulge them for their birthdays since they celebrate together (their birthdays are 3 days apart.)  I have had a list going of potential gifts for a while.  While we were out thrifting last weekend, we came across this gem....
a baby crib.  It is a real baby crib.  It was normally $60 and we scored it for half off!  We gave it to her early, since she was with us when we bought it.  I think I am going to paint it since the paint is chipping and is dirty.

The kiddos picked their themes for their party a while back, but I'm always leery to plan too early because they have a history of changing their minds!  However, they kept with their original ideas this time!  C will be having a Littlest Pet Shop theme and B will be having a Batman theme.  I do two cakes and other stuff to keep the party as "separate" as possible.

This weekend the kiddos showed off their new skillz from swim lessons....

Sunday was awesome, we went to church and then spent a very relaxing day at home.
This morning was Day 1 of Vacation Bible School at our church.
I still feel really new to our church since I don't know anyone.  It has been a hard year for us to go on a regular basis.  We have missed a lot, and we have not started Sunday School yet.  It is a great church and I love it.  I'm just ready to start meeting some great people.  VBS at the church is HUGE but they have it SO organized!  The theme this year is Pandamania.  The kids had a great time today!
Speaking of a great time, I had a taste of what freedom felt like this morning, and I liked it!!!  I had a blissful 3 hours to myself today!  I'm not going to know what to do with myself when they are both in school full time!
I spent the morning at Hobby Lobby picking up some supplies for some new crafting ventures!  I also visited Goodwill for a few minutes and found a blank wreath I'm going to use this fall or Christmas to make a decorative wreath and I also found a couple of large baskets I'm going to paint.  I wish our Goodwill had more kid stuff.  It is an "ok" Goodwill, but I've heard of folks having great ones and I'm jealous!

Also- I thought I would share my menu plan for this week.  I haven't done that in a while and I really like when I read what other people are having!

Monday- Crockpot BBQ chicken thighs, salad, fried potatoes and baked beans
Tuesday- Tortellini and side to be determined
Wednesday- Seared tilapia sandwiches with fresh tartar sauce
Thursday- Pinto Beans with ham and cornbread
Friday- Family date night

What's on your menu this week?


  1. St. Joseph's did Pandamania this year. Layla loved it! She brought home a cd and, I must say, it is so inspiring to hear her sing along, especially to "How Great Thou Art."

  2. Oh how I wish I could do a weekly menu plan. I always have a good idea for at least 3-4 meals, but it always ends up being a "play by ear" kind of thing.

  3. Tracy- I think I am going to get a CD! It is so sweet to hear them sing along!

    April- Our menu plan has already changed twice this week! lol But, I must say, it is nice having an outline and having the things on hand.


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