Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Kind of Therapy

Today, readers, I am using you as my therapist.  That's right.  I need to let it all out.

Yesterday I was in a BAD mood.  For some reason it seemed to coincide with my monthly visitor, but I don't know what the connection is....

It is spring right?  Then why has my back yard looked like this all week???

It has been raining almost all week! I'm ready for some sunshine!!!!  I think, it is going to be that way tomorrow and Saturday.  I am planning on enjoying every second of it!

I finished reading Gone with the Wind yesterday.  My what a book.  It was over 1,400 pages and It was such a well written book.  It really opened my eyes to what life was like in the South just before, during and following the Civil War.  I was not, however, prepared for how the book ended.  I'm a "happy ending" type of gal and it just didn't give me the ending I had been hoping for.  I am going to start a new "saga" book soon, The Thorn Birds.  I'm reading it because it is supposed to have a good love story in it and that is what I am all about these days.

I just finished washing up a huge sinkful of dishes.  We are going on about 3 weeks now without a dishwasher.  3 weeks!  Oh, the joys of renting!  The new one is supposed to be in the works so we will see.

Tim is completely stressed at work lately.  A lot of stress has been creeping home with him as well.  This position is the most stressful he has had in his entire career.  The high school is projected to have an enrollment of around 3,700 students next year and he is entirely in charge of creating the master schedule.  It is a very daunting task.  Say an extra prayer for him if you will.

One thing I haven't talked about in a while is my braces.  I got them on in February of 2008.  I was "supposed" to only have had them on for 24 mos.  Well, as you can see we have greatly surpassed that mark.  The problem is that when we started, my ortho thought I had too much teeth for my mouth and the best option would be to remove two teeth and fill in the space by straightening the other teeth.  Well, it didn't go exactly as planned.  Once we got all of the front teeth straight, I still had space on both sides that was visible when I smiled.  So, then we moved a tooth on both sides forward.  We thought that would do it, but I smile pretty big and I still have space that will show when I smile. Soooo, now we are having to move a back molar into that space.  That will make the space not visible, but it could take these molars months to move.  Whick means more months of wearing the braces.  I have to do and do it right so I'm not complaining, but Lordy, will I be celebrating the day these things come off!

Tomorrow I am taking B to a preschool to check it out and probably enrolling him for the fall.  I can't believe that both of my babies will be going to school!  B really will love going to preschool and I think it will really be good for him since he will be transitioning from not having his sister around all the time.

I think we will also try to hit the First Friday celebration on the square in Bentonville tomorrow evening.  We have not been to one before so it will be cool to check out!  I'm also happy that the Farmer's Market will be opening back up this month!

I think on Saturday we are going to take a trip down to Devil's Den State Park to do some exploring and hiking.  I can't wait!  I have never been there before and I am very much looking forward to it!


  1. Enjoy the square tomorrow night. A lot of people go and they all love it. Ryan and I go occasionally. Also, hope you guys love the preschool too!

  2. I'm very excited about the preschool and B loved it!!!


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