Saturday, February 26, 2011

Waxing Nostalgic Part XII

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in St. Lucia.  Towards the end of our stay was our wedding.  May 16, 2003.  The day was gorgeous.  However, it did not start off that way.  Early early in the morning, a huge storm had rolled in.  I woke up to intense rain, thunder and lightning.  I completely freaked out!  Who wants to wake up to that on their wedding day?!  Not me!  After a couple of hours, the storm had passed through and the beautiful sunshine came shining through once again. 

 Our wedding wasn't until 3pm.  We had time to lounge around and then get all dressed and ready for the big event.  As we were dressing, Tim realized that he had brought 2 right footed shoes!  He had 2 pairs of black shoes at home and had ended up bring the right of each pair!  He was so mad about it!  He even went around asking other guests if they had shoes to borrow.  Ever since then, he always double checks his shoes!  It ended up working out beautifully; we both were barefoot during the ceremony. 

We were married beachside in a beautiful white gazebo that was draped in vines and tropical flowers that grew on it.  Gorgeous.  Our minister was a tiny black woman!  I loved it!  How many people can say that?! The cake was a tropical flavor, so yum.  My bouquet was fresh, tropical flowers. 

After the ceremony and cake, we had our first dance.  The song we danced to was Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton.  It's our song.  I  love how my heart feels every time I hear it.

That night, the resort had a special meal created for us at the restaraunt that is set out over the water.  They even had personal menus set up for us.  It was a magical day.

We plan on going back to the same resort in two years on our 10 year anniversary.  I cannot believe we've been married almost 8 years!

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