Saturday, January 15, 2011

Waxing Nostalgic Part VI

So, J moved out and moved into a house with 3 other guys in his fraternity.  I think there was a party there most nights.  I really hated that he wanted to move out, but I did what every girl who is in a relationship and wants to stay that way does- I dealt with it.    Things had been a little rocky for awhile and we had even separated for a little while, but we always seemed to get back together.

I was really wanting the relationship to work out.  I had hopes that we would graduate college, get jobs and eventually get married.  Looking back, I really wish that I had not been focused on always being in a relationship.

That May, I went to a party with my friend Karri.  She had friends in another fraternity.  Some of those guys used to play football together and went to a party at the house of their former coach.  This is where we ended up that night.  That former coach turned out to be Tim Sparacino.  I remember that night very well as does Tim! We were immediately into each other. That night, he snuck into my heart and hasn't left since.  

I think during that time, J and I were not together.  We would be off and on through the summer and fall.  The reason?  He wanted to live life and enjoy all college had to offer and I was a complete different story.  I had already enjoyed a lot and was still enjoying it a lot, but I was also ready for concrete plans for the future.  He, was not.  I saw Tim a few times over the summer at his house for parties and such.  I knew that he cared about me and I really liked him, but I was still so committed to my current relationship.

Anyways, that fall marked the beginning of my senior year in college.  I was still waitressing at Dixie Cafe and working through work study in the college's athletic department.  The athletic department was a way cool job.  I met lots of great people, learned a ton of stuff and went to a lot of athletic events.  It was mainly office work, with some work at nights and on weekends.  I loved it though.  I also loved working at Dixie Cafe.  I met a ton of great people there as well.  It was probably my favorite waitressing gig that I had had.  

J and I were together and even went on some trips in March, May and September of that year.  Things were changing though. 

The changes started to come in November.

to be continued...

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