Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sparacino Family History

Looking at the photo, Tim's father (Anthony Sparacino) is far left.  Seated in front of him are his mother, Mary Catherine Griffo and sister Mary.  Standing next to him is his father (Tim's grandfather), Joseph Sparacino Sr. The bride is Anthony's sister, Carmella. The man standing beside the groom is Anthony's brother, Joseph Sparacino Jr.  Anthony and Joe Jr. were born less than 1 year apart :-). The last boy standing at far right is John Sparacino, Anthony's youngest brother.  Seated in front of him is their sister Margaret.  To our knowledge, this is the only family photo that we have of his entire family.  Joseph Sr. and Mary Catherine are full Italian and were both born in Italy.  Joseph Sr was born in Sambuca di Sicilia, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy.  All children were also full Italian and my husband is half Italian.  We can't wait to visit Tim's family's hometown someday!


  1. My grandfather was Caligio (probably misspelled) Sparacino. We are from Louisiana. His parents were born in Italy and came to the US when they were children from Silicy. My mom is the first generation to be married outside the Italian ethnicity. I would love to know if you know of any offshoots that ended up in Louisiana. Sparacino is not a common name down here. My cousin Brian was a LSU quarterback at one time. Maybe someone there heard about him and knows if we are of any relation to the Northerners. Help! Lynn Buquoi (mom Rita Sparacino).

    1. I couldn't find an email address to send you an email. I will do a little research with the stuff I have and see if I can find anything out! Thanks for contacting me!

    2. There was a family in Bolivar county MIssisssippi.

  2. I think we're related, my biological grandfather was John Sparicino


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