Monday, September 13, 2010


The most dreaded word of the well child checkup....immunization.  This word was not on my radar today when I took the kids for their 4 year and 5 year checkups.  It turns out that based on this clinics schedule, both of the kids were due for their immunizations that you recieve before starting kindergarten.  One of my children is really brave and outgoing with the doctor. The other one is nervous and downright scared of the doctor.  The doctor that we chose as our pediatrician is great though.  I was really pleased with him.  Also, the kids loved him.  The well visit went really well.  Both kids are healthy.  The boy is in the 87th % for his height and 85th % for his weight!  The girl is in the smallish % for both height and weight. 

The bad part came when it was time for shots.  The girl completely lost it.  I was holding her and I held on for most of it.  The last shot, she got loose and kicked a shoe off because she was struggling so much.  Also, she was screaming like she was being killed the whole time.
If I had been the boy, I would have been like, no way.  But, he was a trooper and got right in my lap and let me hold him.  He had to get one more than his sister did.  He was being so brave, but after the 2nd one in and 3 more to go, he was crying.  Crying boy tears.  Crying tears of real hurting pain.  It broke my heart!  He cried for 10 minutes! 

After about 15 minutes everyone was fine and we were on our way home.  We picked up daddy and took them to McDonald's for ice cream and playplace time!

We got home and it was time for baths.  Both kids took off their bandaids, and lo and behold, their legs didn't hurt anymore!  However, I'm glad we won't be getting shots for a long time!

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