Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Swimming lessons, Day 2

As you can see, lessons yesterday were a success!  It went sooo much better than Monday!  B is shown hanging on the side.  C, however, chose not to do this part.  She did get in when the instructor would come get her and hold her.  Both children were handed down from the diving board to the instructor in the water.  They loved that!  Right before we left for the day, B jumped from the side into the instructor's arms!  I was so proud of him.  He is definately showing bravery. 

Later in the day, we left for an overnight stay to Hot Springs, and this is what happened....
They jumped over and over and over again!  They had a blast!  The water in the shallow end was 3 ft and they were walking around in it and they were even "practicing" swimming while we held on to them!

This morning at the pool, C was still timid of the water, but both kiddos jumped from the side into my waiting arms!

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