Friday, April 23, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Week 9: Idol Gives Back, Inspirational Songs & The Results

This week was Idol Gives Back week.  I think that this is an awesome thing that they do!  In honor of it, the contestants sang inspirational songs. Since I'm behind in blogging about it and feel rushed, I'm putting the performances and results together.

Casey was first to perform.  In my mind, he has already made it.  I think he is so great.  However, the judges were not so high on him this time.  The said he was good, but not great.
Lee's song was very pretty.  He didn't seem nervous at all this performance.  I just really loved it!
I thought Tim's performane was really good.  I think that he sang the type song that he would be great at recording.  The judges were not feeling it though.
Aaron has got such a voice!  It's too bad that the first part of the song is usually shaky but then he makes up for it in the end.  He needs to work on control and being consistent throughout the entire song.
Now, I was really expecting more from Siobhan this week.  It seems she has really tapered off in the past few weeks from where she was in the beginning.  She was disappointing again though.  Simon said that her clothes were distracting.  I tend to disagree.  There are so many artists out there who wear outrageous things.  I am getting tired of her defending herself evey time the judges rip her.
Mike went a different direction this week.  Instead of doing a ballad, he rocked it out!  I really liked this side of him!
Crystal did really well and I was surprised by the emotion that she showed at the end of the song.  She is just phenomenal.

The results show was mainly just the Idol Gives Back stuff.  There were a lot of great celebritiy performances and stories of how Idol Gives Back is helping people in our country and around the world.

So I really didn't have a guess as to who would go home this week.  It happened to be Tim Urban this time.  I knew it was time, but alas, it was still sad.

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