Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Week 4

We are down to the top 12 and now they all sing on the same night.  Last night, the song theme was Rolling Stones songs.  Here's the lowdown:

Michael-- He sang "Miss You."  It was good, but to me, forgettable.
Didi-- She sang "Play with Fire."  For me, it was the best performance I've seen besides "Terrified."
Casey-- Sang "It's all over now."  The song was really suited for him.  He did really well!
Lacey-- She sang "Ruby Tuesday."  It was good, a decent performance.  She has a great look.
Andrew-- He did "Gimme Shelter."  All I can say is, he's ba-ack! A funny quote from Simon, "what did you want him to do, bring a tank on stage?"  I nearly peed my pants laughing!
Katie-- She sang "Wild Horses."  I had such high hopes for her in the beginning.  She has such an amazing voice.  However, I haven't been impressed with a song she has done yet.   Maybe next week.
Tim-- did his version of "Under my thumb."  Oh boy.  He should have just stuck with how it was originally in my opinion.  It just wasn't good.  He may be the one going home.
Siobhan-- first off, wow, what did they do to her hair?!  I actually liked it better the other way! She sang "Paint it black."  Ok, now enough with the screaming chick!  Does she have to do it in every song?!  Plus, I thought she sounded nasally, but alas, the judges loved her.
Lee-- He sang "Beast of Burden."  I am in love with his voice.  He is probably my favorite.
Paige--She sang "Honkytonk Woman."  It was leaps and bounds better than last week.
Aaron-- He sang "Angie."  It was beautiful.
Crystal-- She sang "You can't always get what you want."  It seemed like the beginning was just a little taste of what she did in the second half of the song.  She is awesome!  Go Mamasox!


So Lacey has left the building. It's sad to see her go. And the judges were unanimous on not using "the save." A few comments on the performances....David Cook rocked! Orianthi was amazing!!!! Ke$ha, oh lordy girl.... I am sooo not a fan.

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