Tuesday, March 2, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Week 2

The guys were given a surprise this morning when they learned that they would be performing tonight instead of the girls.  Crystal Bowersox was admitted to the hospital after having what I heard was complications from diabetes.  I'm praying that she gets well soon.  Hopefully, all of the girls will be performing tomorrow night.

So, back to the guys. *Sigh*  I'm sooo disappointed in how things are going for them!  They have not been wowing me AT ALL!  What is it about them?!  They don't have much "POP" or "star factor."  I want to yell at them through the tv, "Give me some entertainment!" But, I'm too busy yawning and checking my iPhone to even care.

So here's the lowdown:
Michael-- this week's song was much better suited for him.  It showcased his abilities better.
John-- his voice is all right but he just continues to really bore me.
Casey-- I loved the electric guitar! I thought he did great and picked a great song.  I still, however, love him with the acoustic.  What was up with Kara hating on him tonight?!
Alex-- poor guy gets really nervous! He has such a unique voice and I really like it. He did much better than last week.  But...someone get a hold of him....chop that mullet off!!!
Todrick-- Boy, go back to dancing.  A Tina Turner song???  It wasn't great and it just isn't what he should be doing.
Jermaine-- what was up with his hair?! It was a breathy and boring performance. Must have been from the steam treatment?! LOL!
Andrew--  didn't really impress me this week and that saddens me because I know he can do awesome things! The song he sang doesn't seem like what I would see him singing.
Aaron-- he sang "My Girl." He's good, but it had some rough spots.
Tim-- MUCH better than last week. He actually sounded like he could sing this week.  Last week I was like, "how did he get in this competition?"
Lee-- By far, the BEST of the night!  He sang "Lips of an Angel." It was the perfect fit of a song for him.  Awesome.  Didn't not see him as the top of the guys before but he is there.

I don't have a clue who will go home this week, because they were all pretty bad.  Except Lee.  If he goes home, I may quit watching.

The Ladies...

Well, it figures the year I decide to watch ALL of American Idol that it is pretty boring. Even the girls last night were pretty lame. Come ON people! Step it up!

Here's the lowdown:

Crystal- so they stretched out the drama...would she or wouldn't she be performing? She had been sick in the hospital with diabetes complications. But she did sing and boy did she ever. She is so consistent and great! Simon said her performance last night was like when they realized Kelly Clarkson had what it took to be a major star.
Haeley- she's cute and smiley and I like her. But....yeah that's all. Girl is pitchy. She's just too young and by far not the greates singer.
Lacey- much better than last week. Her voice went great with the song, Kiss Me.
Katie- she has SUCH a great voice, but what is up with her song choices??? First Michael Buble and now Corinne Bailey Rae.
Didi- I.LOVE.HER. She is so great and unique. I did not care for the song though, and obviously the judges did not either.
Michelle- I just don't care for her. She's not exciting and it's like watching someone you know singing. Like kinda karoake.
Lilly- she didn't do it at all for me this week, but the judges loved it.
Katelyn- she's a great singer and this week she played piano also. Ellen thought it was sleepy, but Kara loved it and gave her a wink!
Paige- she has such a big, great voice. I really like her, I hope they change her look some and get some better songs. That seems to be what is really sucking this year...SONG CHOICE!
Siobhan- Simon calls her "a funny little thing." Now, she really is. But, MAN did she hit some notes last night. Wonder where she will take us next.....


Finally! Jermaine and John have went home. No offense, but I'm ready for some less boring performances. For the girls, Michelle and Haeley. I won't lie...I was glad to see Michelle go. That's mean, I know. Oh, and um yeah, I cried when Haeley sang "The Climb." But hey, so did everyone else.

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