Thursday, February 25, 2010

Techie Mommy: A is for apple, I is for iPhone. Best iPhone Apps for Preschoolers

I am always looking for new iphone apps for my kids for our iPhone and iPod touch. One reason is to keep my kids busy when there is something important I need to get done.  Another reason is because it is the way the world is headed.   I believe that it is the new wave of the future.  There is going to be an app for everything!  Schools are already using these devices in the classroom.  Gone are the days of using CD games on the computer for the kiddos.  Now, it is all about the iPods, DS's and other such "smart" devices.  The devices that our children will use during their lives will all navigate to the touch screen.  Well, back to the subject at hand.  These are currently the best iphone apps that I have found for kids and preschoolers.

I have broken them down into two categories: Learning Apps and Distracting Apps

Learning Apps
1. Sprout Player (free)
2. Dress Chicka (free)
3. ABC Animals ($1.99)
4. Free Spanish Dictionary (free)
5. Shape Builder lite (free)
6. iwritewords lite (free)
7. Toddler Time (free)
8. Fairies lite (free)
9. istorytime ($1.99/book) this is just one book, just search in itunes for "istorytime"
10. USA Presidents (free)
11. A Wacky Safari (free)
12. 123 Animals Counting lite (free)
13. Animal Memory Match ($.99)
14. Preschool Adventure ($.99)
15. isign Alphabet ($.99)
16. Kidcalc 7-in-1 ($.99)
17. Toddler Teasers Shapes (free) The full package is $1.99
18. Peekaboo Barn lite (free)
19. Word Magic ($.99)
20. Wheels on the Bus ($.99)
21. Tales2Go (free) WOW!
22. FirstWords: Sampler (free)

Distracting Apps
1. Reflecting Pool ($.99)
2. Knots (free)
3. Scribble lite (free)
4. Bubbles ($.99)
5. Bubble Wrap or Bubble Snap (free)
6. Balloonimals lite (free)
7. BabyApps: Dial-a-phone (free)
8. Lego Photo (free)
9. Build a Snowman ($.99)
10. Airport mania (free)
11. iQuarium (free)
12. Tic Tac Toe (free)
13. Checkers (free)
14. Tone Pad (free)
15. Virtuoso Piano Free 2 (free)
16. Feed Me! (free)

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