Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who will be the next star on American Idol?!

So, this is the first year that I have watched American Idol from the very beginning. Usually I start watching once it gets down to the top 24. This year, I watched every bit so far and I am sooo hooked! I cannot wait to see what will happen! I've loved having Ellen on the show too! She cracks me up! My best friend Jessica comes over twice a week to watch the show with me. We have even been having pajama parties. It is a blast and even C Girlie is getting into the show! My favorites so far are, Andrew Garcia for the guys and Didi Benami, for the girls. Idol is on 3 nights this week and I am stoked! I was so disappointed last week because I missed the show announcing the top 24. Something happened with the DVR. That will NOT happen again!!! I will be triple checking it! I really hope that a super star is born this year. I was looking back on the past 8 seasons, and there has only been 2 idols that have really hit the big time, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. I guess we will see!!!

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