Monday, May 18, 2009

April Showers bring May flowers; May showers bring blah!

So, I feel as if I have finally come out of a deep, dark tunnel. Pretty sad, huh? May is supposed to be my favorite month of the year. It contains Tim's birthday, Mother's Day, my birthday and our anniversary. This May has seemed like the most blah May ever! It has rained and been raining since the end of April. This week is the first week that it is sunny!!! Cue the Hallelujahs! Really it hasn't been that bad, but it has definately been very, very rainy! May started off with a Homecoming Ceremony for my brother, Keith's, National Guard unit. I am the secretary of the FRG now (I was elected on the 14rth). As of ceremony time, I have always been a faithful volunteer. It took lots of planning and hard work, but it paid off. It was a beautiful ceremony for the soldiers. Both my brother and I received awards at the ceremony. He received an Army Commendation Medal and I received the Molly Pitcher Award for my support of the unit. Here are a couple of pictures: Tim had a meeting in Little Rock at the end of this week and the kiddos got to attend their first Arkansas Travelers game, in a suite none the less! They had a blast!!!
Next was Mother's Day. It was a good day. I had breakfast made for me, received a dozen pink roses, and got cards. The kids kept telling "Happy Mother's Day!" all day long! It was so sweet!

On Saturday, I had woke up with severe neck pain. I could barely move at all. It got a little better during the day, but not a lot. Sunday (Mother's Day) and Monday were pretty painful days; I couldn't do a whole lot. On Tuesday (My birthday), I decided to go to the doctor. He examined me and determined that I had a pinched nerve in my neck! Oh my luck! He prescribed some medicine and I said a lot of prayers. By Saturday, my neck was feeling a hundred times better!

Saturday was also Tim and I's 6th wedding anniversary! We celebrated by leaving the kids at Nan's and going to Little Rock to see Kenny Chesney in concert. The last time we saw him, we had seats about as high up as you can go at Alltell. This time I splurged and got floor seating! It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!! He came out from the sound booth, which was directly behind us and was suspended in the air over us and it took him to the stage. The whole show was great!!!! Oh, and Miranda Lambert rocked it out too!

Happy 6th Anniversary!!!!

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