Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Break trip---Tulsa Zoo

So this year for Spring Break, we took the kids to Tulsa to the zoo. We drove up the night before and went to their most favorite restaurant, Red Robin. Sadly, since it was not Friday night, the real Red Robin was not there. :( We did a little shopping in Tulsa. They have some great stores that we do not have anywhere in Arkansas----Macy's, Babies R Us...etc. The next day we got up bright and early to go to the zoo. This zoo does not disappoint. The exhibits were great and the kids really loved it! The chimpanzee exhibit was soo great and there were two baby chimpanzees! Soooo cute! We loved seeing the polar bear and the sea lions and we got to hear a lion roar for real for the first time in all our lives! We had got to see most of the zoo when large thunderclouds starting coming and so did lightning! A big storm was coming and we had to hurry and leave. However, the storm was following us most of the way home and we got caught in a hail storm 4 times! Thankfully there was no damage to our van. It was a great, short trip packed with lots of wonderful memories! We can't wait to go back to Tulsa and in a few years visit the Oklahoma Aquarium!

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