Monday, June 23, 2014

Sparacino family summer vacation Days 1&2 Kansas and Rocky Mountain National Park

We are on a big summer road trip! 
We left Saturday morning and ended the day in Salina, Kansas.
Kansas is very much wide open spaces.
You can see for miles and there are lots of abandoned gas stations on our route.
There were also miles and miles of wind mills and oil derricks.
We woke up Sunday morning to finish our trip to Estes Park, Colorado.
Our first view of the Rocky Mountains was breathtaking!
Estes Park is at an elevation of 7,522 feet.
 We checked in to our hotel that has a great balcony view of the mountains and then drove up to Rocky Mountain National park for our first hike.
We were doing a 1 mile hike that included stops at Nymph lake and Dream lake.
 Nymph Lake
 The only word that I could find to describe the views of the mountains on our hike was: majesty.
We had to actually hike over snow to get to Dream lake. It was surprisingly treacherous and B Boy even had a fall. But, we made it and the view was spectacular!
At Dream lake, we were at an elevation of 9,905 feet!
Our family at Dream Lake
I'm so glad I brought the tripod on our trip! I can't wait to see what we will get to experience today!
 I also got to see an elk for the first time! A female elk was chomping away on the side of the road on the way down the mountain.

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