Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mish Mash----Family, Cheerleading and the Economy

Hi Bloggy friends! I have missed you this week!  Monday was a long day of driving to Paris to visit the orthodontist.  Things with my teeth are going good though, just getting them into position!
Tuesday, Tim's sister Karen, his nephew's wife, Sherry and Sherry's daughter, Reagan came up to spend a few days with us.  I guess with age, I have found how priceless spending time with family is.  I value relationships more.  My family is so very important to me, and I am striving to instill that love of family in my children.
We had a beautiful time visiting, eating, watching kids play in the pool, shopping and going to the splash pad!
 Cousins :-)
Tim and his big sister

Today, we all went down to the University of Arkansas where Sherry's other daughter Madison, was at cheer camp.
Yay Madison and Two Rivers cheer squad!!!

So, I finally caught up on the news from the week.  I read about our last shuttle mission.  It made me very sad.  Can we still tell our kiddos that they can be anything when they grow up? I hope someone with a lot of money comes through to give NASA a boost!

Speaking of money, WTH is up with our government?! Can they not get their heads out of their rears EVER to get what needs to done accomplished?  Oh that's right, they can't-because there are elections coming up......

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