Monday, July 18, 2016

VBS and the Fourth

This is something I mistakenly left out of our vacation post: 
I love traveling with our kids. They have become great travelers for the most part. I love how they search license plates to see where all the vehicles are from. B Boy makes us laugh a lot. He was killing us by calling Missouri, "misery!"
My health update: 
I'm doing really well right now. I'm still having some possible hormonal issues that I think might be related to my hysterectomy, but I will eventually find out more about that.
After we returned from vacation, we immediately jumped into VBS! I helped with grade school crafts for the 3rd year in a row. It's so fun and I love being able to serve with my friends.
C Girl was in a group with a precious leader who teaches at our elementary and two of her friends!
B Boy had lots of friends in his group!
On Saturday, we participated in our yearly tradition of being in the patriotic bike parade!
The kids did not want to decorate their bikes this year. I think it might have been one of our last times in the parade. Sads!!!
I love seeing the way people decorate for the parade!
Yarnell's served free ice cream after the parade!
B Boy found Spiderman!
We love staying in Bentonville for the fourth and going to Orchards park to hear music and watch the fireworks. They do an incredible show every time.
We love the 4th! We had these fun glasses and glow stick bracelets!

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