Tuesday, November 17, 2015

post surgery update

hello everyone!
I'm on the other side of surgery.

I went in last Wednesday morning for a partial hysterectomy.
My doctor came by to speak with me before he did my surgery.
He mentioned that I could possibly have endometriosis that had been causing a lot of my continual pain even after being treated for my Crohn's.
If that was the case, then he might have to take more out during surgery.

During surgery, they called Tim in the waiting room to let him know that they found severe endometriosis and they would be removing my right ovary and both Fallopian tubes along with my uterus.

I'm still kind of shocked that they found endometriosis, but I'm also thankful.
I'm very hopeful that my life will have dramatically less pain now.
The food in the hospital was surprisingly good!
I was able to go home the day after my surgery.
This cat was by my side from the moment I got home!
I love the flowers that Tim brought home for me after a trip to Walmart.
On Saturday, the Razorbacks defeated LSU!
We were so excited!!!
It's too difficult for me to sit up straight since the surgery, so I had to miss my girlie singing in main service with the regular choir at church on Sunday morning.
She had a big Indian project for school and made a diorama of a Cherokee Indian dwelling.
The kids have been making their own lunches while I've been recovering (yes, I still make their lunches!)
C Girl had to come and show me what she made!
I didn't get to go to the school Monday morning either. She was given her Celebration book. (We buy it for the library and they decorate the inside cover with a picture of her and a tribute to her from us!) 
It's a sweet way to commemorate her time at the school and give another book to the school.
I've been resting and watching a lot of Gilmore Girls!
We have had friends and Tim's co-workers bringing us meals and that has been a HUGE blessing!
Tim took the kids to basketball duty last night and took B Boy to a birthday party tonight.
I'm so, so thankful of everything that he does for us. We are so lucky to have him and love him SO much!!!

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  1. Oh I'm so hopeful this will help with your pain! Thankful surgery went well and praying for your recovery tonight!


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