Friday, August 21, 2015

the weekly recap {birthday parties & summer fun August 11-14}

Last week was c-r-a-z-y with birthday party planning!
I did want to squeeze some last minute summer fun in, though! We had a couple of passes to a local water park, so I checked the kids out of school a *little* early and we headed there to have some water and sun fun!
They had an absolute blast!
We finished the evening by stopping at Steak and Shake!
I had a lovely hair day!
I worked on baking and decorating cakes and decorating for the parties all week.
 B Boy had a party at a place called Gamers Only with four of his friends.
He wanted chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and chocolate shavings on top!
  A great group of boys!
 C Girl had begged to have a sleepover for her birthday. She also wanted a rainbow theme!
 She also loves arts and crafts so we added that to her party as well by painting rainbow sun-catchers!
 She requested brownies and cookies for her party!
 I made this photo backdrop for them and they loved it!
 These girls got really creative and whipped up some props to use for their photos!
 Sweet, sweet friends!
 I made some rainbow waffles for breakfast the next morning!
 I think they all had a great time and lots of fun!

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