Wednesday, July 23, 2014

weekend recap and some funny things

A few funny/memorable things first:

I bought C Girl God's Little Princess bedtime devotional for Easter. She was reading it one day and brought it to me to show me a section that she said described her. 
It said, Dear God, I'm not always patient, and I'm not always sweet. Sometimes I'm selfish and stomp both my feet. Lord, change my heart and fill it with love- the love that's from You, sent from heaven above. Amen.
The girl obviously knows how she behaves! After I quit laughing about it, I was just so thankful for this devotional. I love the prayer and that it is teaching her that only God can change our hearts when we ask Him to.

B Boy is super into Pokemon cards and begs everyday to go to Walmart so he can buy some. I'm putting him off right now telling him that he will probably get some for his birthday. He also wants a binder to organize them in! He is so funny with all his varying interests in things! He is obsessed with sports, reading, math, writing, and Legos.

There is a part in the movie Planes where El Chupacabra says, You make joke? You make joke? Very well... you leave me no choice! I swish my cape at you! You have been shamed.
We started going around saying it to each other to be funny. On one of our vacations this year while we were stuck in traffic, someone had said the phrase. Of course, Tim latched on to it and had to create a new character with a new phrase- "you give me multiple choices!" So then, it turned into a running comedy where he would come up with outrageously funny "multiple choices" of things he could do to someone!

Also- I never want to forget the sound of the garage door opening when Tim gets home and the kids immediately yelling, "Daddy's home!!!"

We had a pretty nice weekend around here. Friday evening, we took the kids to Red Lobster and then to see How to train your dragon 2. It was such a good movie!
On Saturday, Tim went to the farmer's market to grab a few things and he got to stay a while to hear some good music.
When he got back, he took the kids to a mini-maker faire in Rogers. Afterwards, they tagged along for him to shop for some new clothes and then he took them to get frozen yogurt.
 I still had not been feeling well until Sunday so I was very glad to get out of the house and go to church!
I have been feeling like myself again this week and I am so, so glad!

I spent Monday running a ton of errands that I didn't get to while I was sick.
Yesterday, I cleaned and cleaned around the house and I still have a ton more to do today. I can't believe how a house can get when momma isn't doing her normal work!

Tonight is also the kiddos' last swim class! They have learned SO much!!!

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