Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sparacino family summer vacation Day 3 Rocky Mountain National Park

I cannot get over the beauty of the Rocky Mountains.
Although, I was always nervous on the drives up and down the mountains!
We hiked to Alberta Falls which is a 1 mile (2mi roundtrip) hike. The first day's hike was the same distance, so we really got some exercise in!
 Thankfully, there was no snow to hike over this time!
 We met some friends along the way :-)
We also saw wildlife on our hike- a cute little chipmunk that practically came over to my shoe!
Alberta Falls was stunning!
I'm so thankful for nice people who offered to take our photo!
On the drive down the mountains, we had a great surprise of seeing two elk on the side of the road!
This guy came within 20 feet of me! It was so neat!
Leaving Rocky Mountain National Park- we will always remember the beauty!
Swimming up in the mountains!
The kids may or may not have been most excited about swimming on this vacation!
Our first night's meal in Estes Park wasn't too great, but our second night we had some great Mexican at Ed's Cantina! We recommend it!

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  1. Estes Park is amazing! Isn't it so neat seeing all the wildlife? It's even more gorgeous with all of the snow. We loved it there!


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