Sunday, March 16, 2014

Life lately

So, it snowed again today. I cannot even keep up with how many times it has snowed this winter. I don't know of anyone who is excited about snow at this point. I did snuggle up by the fire and take a fantastic nap today, so I guess there's that!

We've had plenty going on lately and I have been making myself more intentional about keeping the house orderly. 
Our night activities have been making things seem more busy than usual. 
I hate when don't get to spend lots of family time together. Tim has had board meetings and nights getting ready for incoming 7th graders and I have had baby showers and other church/friend activities. This week is no exception. BUT there are only two nights with activities this week!

C Girlie's parent/teacher conference last week was fantastic! Her teacher had nothing but glowing things to say about her in all areas. She has grown SO much this year! 
We are super proud of her!

Thursday evening, I went and celebrated a family in our Sunday school class who recently adopted a little boy that they became foster parents of when he was only a few weeks old. He is precious, and I am so happy for their family! 
We donated items to The Call which is a Christian foster care organization in Arkansas. 
We also had a Noonday Collection trunk show in honor of another local friend who is adopting a precious girl from the Congo.
My boy child has an issue. He cannot go a week without ripping a hole in a pair of pants. We go through lots of jeans and pants. He likes to slide when he is playing ANY kind of sport. What am I going to do with him?!
Tim and I went to the Walton Arts Center on Friday to see Chicago the musical. 
We loved it! I was obsessed with the movie when it came out and I LOVE the music.
I might own the movie and soundtrack....
Our "chair and a half" that we ordered was delivered on Friday. It looks like I might have to fight for use of it with C Girl! It is my new reading/nap spot. Love it!
The kiddos curled up in it to look at a new photo book. 
I love their friendship so much. I hope that they always stay this close.
B Boy brought this Lego creation to the kitchen for me to see and to photograph! Ha!
We enjoyed some beautiful spring weather all of last week. We have had this beautiful meadowlark stop in our yard a few times!
Our B Boy has met his Accelerated Reader goal for the year!!! He will be recognized and presented with his t-shirt in the morning!
Saturday, all of the regular schools, including Tim's, had a snow makeup day. Boo. The weather was beautiful and I did not want to stay in the house all day with the kiddos, so we loaded up and headed to Tanyard Creek nature trail. 
This is probably my very favorite trail in the area. I played in the woods so much as a kid and I love that I have a place to take my kids where they can do the same. It is a great trail, has a waterfall, a creek, and so much great nature and tons of birds.
Me and my loves! C is such a goof!
B always picks me tiny little flowers and very much expects me to keep them forever! 
So sweet!
Enjoying nature!!!
I have decided that nature photography is my very favorite.
It felt so good to get out and use my camera. We have been so cooped up this winter!
B Boy has been practicing skipping rocks. He skipped quite a few!
Green! Signs of spring!
These two birds were busy working on building a nest. So neat to watch them!

We had a great Sunday school fellowship Saturday evening. It was a BBQ and just hang out good time. I loved getting to visit with some of the new families in our class!
My kids ran and jumped on the trampoline for hours. 
We went home, did baths, and had an early bedtime!

This morning, it was raining on the way to church and snowing heavy when we left.
Thank goodness nothing really stuck to the roads and we can have school tomorrow!

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