Friday, March 7, 2014


So, my friend Kelly has a link up today for awkward pictures. I can't believe I am showing everyone this picture. It has always embarrassed me! I was in 3rd grade and was in a brief stage where they thought I needed glasses. Also- I am not sure what is going on with my hair. I know that it had been permed at some point. And the lovely dresses we used to wear!
4th grade was better. I look so much better with straight hair.
My shirt is not dirty. It is something on my picture. I had to scan it in and it's the only one I have!
Aaaand the perm is back in 6th grade!!!
I think I was trying to get my bangs to stick up tall. That was a big deal in the 90's!
And that shirt? It had matching pants. Yeah.


  1. thanks for sharing!!
    -amy from houston, from kelly's korner

  2. Over from,KK, love it thanks for sharing!


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