Wednesday, February 5, 2014



This word has came up in many places in my life lately.

One of our pastors used this quote in church recently- "Our problems aren't our problems sometimes; sometimes it's our perspective that's our problem."

Oh, how true that is.

Perspective is an outlook and an attitude.  Sometimes, we really need a good dose of it.
There are so many times that I want to complain about things.  
Sometimes, I do complain (maybe a little more than sometimes.)  
But, when I step back from a situation, there is always something I can find to be thankful for.

There are times when I hear someone complain, and I want to say, "yes, but you can be thankful for...."
I know that it is not always easy.  I've had to learn the art of perspective.

I want to complain about IBS from time to time.
It's not fun having intestinal issues and not being able to drink a coke when I so badly want to.
However, I'm thankful that I don't drink them everyday.  I know they are not good for me and I know I don't have the will power to resist them.

I want to complain about snow days sometimes.
However, these are wonderful "extra" moments that I get to spend with my kiddos.
Also- How happy will we be during those first spring-like days?!
There is nothing like the cold and snow to make you appreciate a beautiful spring day in all of its glory!

I want to complain that I have felt like poo during the past 4 days.
However, I've had the luxury to lay around and rest because we've been snowed in!

See! It's all just perspective!

A good perspective and thankfulness are key to a happy life in my opinion.

We all can find big things to be thankful for, but try searching for the small things that you can be thankful for.  You will find so many things to be thankful for 
and that just might change your perspective :-)
First we had snow.  Two days later, we had sleet on top of it.  Today, we had sheets of "ice snow" that the kids were playing with!
They decided this morning to build a fort.  Who am I to complain about that?!
These happy little faces are going back to school tomorrow!

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