Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Eve and a look back at 2013

We had a fun NYE. We always just play games and have sparkling grape juice.
I learned how to play Battleship- so fun!
The kiddos were out by 9:30 and 10:00.
I stayed up until midnight on the East coast which is what I normally do.
I LOVE watching the ball drop in Times Square! 
It's crazy and beautiful!
A look back at our 2013---
  • Tim took a new job in the school district. A huge blessing for our family!
  • We bought a house!!!!
  • the kids finished k and 1st grade
  • Both kids finished another year of AWANA
  • finished the school year as president of PTO and laid down the PTO hat for now.
  • B finished his 2nd season of tee ball and his team finished in 3rd place!
  • I turned 32
  • Tim and I celebrated 10 years of marriage!!!!
  • we had a fun visit with Jessica & P in June!
  • Tim and I went to Vegas to celebrate our anniversary!
  • We had our family vacation in Gulf Shores
  • I really got to know a lot of women in our Sunday school class and Bible study
  • I had a brief stay in the hospital
  • C Girl started gymnastics
  • the kids turned 7 and 8!
  • the kids started 1st and 2nd grades!
  • we had a great fall and sad Razorback games
  • The kids and I went to visit Aunt Marie in Kansas
  • we celebrated both of my little nephews turning 2 this year!
  • we visited Turpentine Creek Wildlife refuge- so cool!
  • I shared my testimony
  • I had relationship prayers answered
  • we got snowed/iced in for 7 days
  • we had a wonderful Christmas season
2013 was a pretty great year. So much life happens in one year, but it also goes by so quickly!

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