Friday, October 25, 2013

October Intercession, Week 1

This was our first intercession experience with the year round school.  I really loved having this time to do things with the kids that we wouldn't normally have time to do this time of year. Our break filled up very quickly, but we had a great time together!

I covered the first Friday-Monday of intercession in other posts, so I'm beginning with Tuesday, October 15th.  

I had my weekly Bible study and I have loved this study (Gripped by the Greatness of God.)  
I hate that I have missed so many sessions though!  We are finished with this study and the next few weeks will be fellowship and testimonies.  I can't wait!  
Afterwards, I took the kids to Chick-fil-a for lunch.  They love that place.  I actually do too!

On Wednesday, I kept my friend Laurie's 2 daughters for a few hours while her and her husband had lunch.  It was their 9th anniversary!  The kids had a blast playing together and her girls are very sweet!

On Thursday, I kept a friend and classmate of B boy's for the day. His mom had to work, so I was happy to let him come and play with the kids.  They all had a great time!

C Girl also lost her 9th tooth on Thursday evening!  She was beside herself excited! 
I love, love, love these times in our life.  I'm really going to miss these milestones!

Friday, I had an appointment with a new stylist to get my hair done.  One of my friends kept the kids at her house so I didn't have to drag them along!  They loved playing with her kiddos!  And she even did crafts with them! She is such a sweet friend and I'm so thankful I have friends to call on when I need them!

We met Tim at Flying Fish for dinner.  It is one of our favorite restaurants in town.  I'm hungry thinking about it!
I had bought tickets to take C Girl to Beauty and the Beast at the Walton Arts Center that night.  Her and I headed down to Fayetteville and the boys went to the movies to see Planes.

Beauty and the Beast was awesome! I have always loved the story and I adored seeing it at Disney World last year too.  This was my 1st play at the WAC and I cannot wait to attend more! The kids have seen a few there when they have gone on field trips with school.
I loved having a girl's night out with this little girlie!


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