Friday, August 2, 2013

A full week

Happy Friday!

Do you ever have one of those weeks where the beginning of the week seems soooooo long ago? 

That's how this week has felt to me. 

Tim left for a conference in Little Rock on Sunday and we weren't expecting him home until Wednesday evening.  Well, he worked it out where he was able to come home Tuesday afternoon and be here for open house at the school.  

There was also a pool party and a dentist appointment and grocery shopping and planning and getting everything ready.

And then the kids started school yesterday.  I was able to go to a coffee gathering I had been invited to, and able to have lunch with Tim.  Plus I had to get in gear about the kids' birthday party that is next weekend.

C Girl also had her first gymnastics class yesterday afternoon.  She absolutely loved it!  She has two very good friends in there and I'm sure that helped!

So, the kids seemed to really have a great first day of school yesterday.  Being at a new school didn't seem to phase them a whole lot.  

I know I'm relieved about that.  I was just nervous that they might feel scared or lonely.

I'm so glad my girlie likes to pose for pictures now.  She was such a turkey about it until age 5-6.

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