Friday, June 14, 2013

More "Daddy Days" fun

I think the week is finally catching up with me.

I am SO tired tonight!  
But, I'm eating a strawberry cake that I made the other night with fresh strawberries.  I also made a bunch of freezer jam. Yum!

I wanted to post these memories before I forgot them!

We took the kids to the Prairie Creek Marina area of Beaver Lake yesterday to play in the water and have a picnic.
They had a blast in the water and the mud and building a "castle" with logs, sticks, mud and rocks.
Oh, to be a kid again ;)
If you are ever in Rogers, AR, you need to eat at Lucy's Diner.
It was so, so good!
This was my pancake breakfast!
We came home, showered, and then headed to the library for a Mad Science program.
I've never been to one before and it was really neat.
They do neat science experiments and teach the kids about science.
Last night, Chickfila had a Daddy/Daughter date night and Tim took C Girlie.  
She was so excited!

So, I took B Boy to his favorite place- Taco Bell!
I think it is so important to be able to have one on one time with each kiddo :)
Today was spent running errands and getting ready for family to visit!
We are so excited for Jessica and Parker to be here for 5 days!!!!

We had lunch at Ron's burgers (so good!)
We had dinner at Flying Fish (so good!) (one of my favorite places ever!)
I'm noticing a trend that we have been eating out too much. Oops.
And basically we like food.

Tonight, there were two free outdoor concerts in our little town, plus Pickin' on the Square. 
We decided to go to the blues concert downtown.
The temperature was so great and the music was too!
Plus, it's always fun to run into people you know!

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  1. The Mad Scientists came to Paris, Layla loved it!


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