Monday, May 13, 2013

What a weekend! {hold on to your horses, this is a long one}

If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times: May is such a busy month.  May 3rd was Tim's birthday and this past weekend was my birthday, Mother's Day, and my nephew's birthday. 
All in the SAME day!  
Tim and I also celebrate our anniversary this coming Thursday.

Saturday, B Boy had tee ball team pictures and a game.  It was a PERFECT day.  The weather was fantastic!  
Afterwards, we hopped over to a "vintage" store I wanted to show Tim.  We found a couple of treasures there! 
Next, we decided to go to Tanyard Creek Nature Trail.  It was a great little hike and the waterfall was insane from all the rain we have received lately.

I woke up Sunday morning to a counter full of gifts, cake, and cards!  My favorite things are the cards that the kids made me and the gifts that they picked out for me. Tim said they did not hesitate when they got to Walmart, they went straight for what they wanted to get me.  

We had to get around and get to church.  They played a video in service about Mother's Day and I have literally never cried as much in church as I did during that video.  They are lucky that I didn't break out into a full on ugly cry.

Tim took me to brunch at Fred's Hickory Inn after church.  It was so nice and delicious!  

We then headed to Ft. Smith to go to my nephew Noah's 2nd birthday party!  He is my little birthday buddy :-)

I was overwhelmed on Sunday from all the love I was shown.  There were so many Facebook birthday/Mother's Day wishes, the same on Twitter, texts, calls, cards, and emails.  I even got birthday gifts and cards in the mail on Friday and Saturday.  It just makes you feel good to know that someone has taken time to think of you.  So, thank you.  It really made my day special.
 C Girl painted this pot at school and planted the flower for me.  I love it.  
How could I ever have imagined how blessed I would be?
 This picture is the epitome of C Girl. She is such a clown!  Those close to her get to see this silliness.
 My bubbas. Please tell me that I will never get too old to call them that.
 Mom and I.
 Sweet birthday boy.
 Oh this friend.  I love her so.  She brought me a birthday donut since it was my birthday too.  And she brought a singing candle!  I loved it!
 It kills me how much they look alike!
 Little cousins. My twin brothers had boys 5 months apart.
 I REALLY think he enjoyed everyone singing to him.
 And I basically had to wrangle these two to try and get a picture with each of them!  
And a final shout out to my brother Kevin who made the Sesame Street (Noah's Street) sign all by himself!  It looks great!


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