Sunday, May 26, 2013

Backyard & Bird Watching

We have REALLY been enjoying May and being outside in our backyard.
We have eaten outside almost every night!

This long weekend has been awesome.
We went to the Farmer's Market Saturday morning and got some goodies!
We hopped over to a birthday party for awhile and then we went to Lowe's to get some stuff for our yard.

The builder planted pear trees in our front yard and a hibiscus in our landscaping.
We did not want fruit bearing trees of the pear kind.
We dug up the trees and replaced them with flowering cherry trees and we moved the hibiscus to the backyard!
We lost our beautiful sunrises from the other house, BUT we gained beautiful sunsets!
So, for the past few years, Tim and I have began a new hobby-
Bird watching.

We don't have binoculars and Audubon membership. 
This buzzard was across the road the other night.  They are huge and ugly!
I finally put our hummingbird feeder out this past week.
Our little hummingbird friend has stopped by every evening!
I am SUPER excited about these birds because they are new to me.
We had one perched in our tree in the front yard yesterday and I had to research to find the name of it.
This is a scissor tailed flycatcher.
These two were on our neighbor's roof today!
Photo above credit:
This is a better photo of them that I grabbed from the Internet.
Tonight, we saw this little woodpecker guy in the trees across the road.
 We have the front yard all decked out for Memorial Day!
Hope you have a great one!


  1. The kids & I love birdwatching too!

  2. Also, great pictures of the hummingbird. That is one hard bird to photograph.


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