Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Settling in

I have missed being here.  
Life has been nut-so lately.  
We moved.  And then family came to help us move our big things.  
School has been really busy.  I have a Bible study going on.  
We've had *chances* for winter weather a few times.  It actually snowed here today, but it was AFTER the decision to go to school had been made.  Bummer.  
But, my Bible study class was cancelled, so I have the day to unpack and organize!

The kids are doing great.

B Boy is excelling in kindergarten by leaps and bounds.  He is so very, very bright.  I hope not to sound braggish, I just want to document how things are going with him.
They are blogging in his class and doing online chats.  I love reading all of the things he writes.  He is very descriptive. Math seems to come very easily for him too.  Both kids are even doing some basic multiplication. Blows my mind.

First grade is going wonderful for C Girlie.  She is learning very exponentially as well.  They are both so bright, but she is more introverted with it.  She will talk sometimes about things, and we had no idea she knew those things!  She is reading very well.  They both love to read.  Her writing is gaining more stamina.  She is excelling in math.  
They both have good friends and love their teachers.

Church activities are going well for them too.  They are learning God's Word and asking many questions. It's just amazing to see the things they learn and hear the things they talk about.  

They are really enjoying the new house and love having a playroom.  C Girl loves that their bathroom connects to her bedroom.  We all enjoy having a fireplace that comes on with the flip of a switch!

As I said, some of our family came to help us move the rest of our big things this weekend.  It was also my brothers' birthdays!  I LOVE having family around.  I was so happy that my brother and his family were able to stay with us all weekend!  We love all of you and appreciate you so much for helping us move! AGAIN!  {they will all get this!}
 B Boy was a big helper!
 These girls had really missed each other!
 The guitars come out every time they are together.  Not joking. Every time.
 C Girl mixing the gravy for breakfast Sunday morning. Love her hand on her hip!
 Enjoying lunch!
B Boy and Uncle Keithy
 Sweet Parker boy playing with B's hot wheels.
 I have missed you so much my friend!!!
 Keith and I.  I was kicking myself that I didn't get a picture of me and both the boys on Saturday.
 My love!
 They love their uncles!
 Oh goodness! I love this boy!
I do believe that she does too!
 Our snow this morning!


  1. Your son looks exactly like your brother!

  2. The house looks fabulous!! I love it! I'm so glad things are going well for yall. Hooray!


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