Sunday, December 23, 2012

What a Weekend!

This sweet boy wants his front tooth for Christmas!
We trimmed sister's hair about 3 inches!
We welcomed daddy home for the start of Christmas break!
I had forgotten that tradition the other day.  We always have treats that daddy loves waiting on him when he comes home from work at the start of winter break.

Saturday morning, we surprised the kids and told them that we had a little Christmas trip to Branson!
They didn't know until we got there that we were going on the Polar Express!
They were really excited to stay at a hotel.
The train ride was super, super good.  
They read us the story of the Polar Express, we sang carols, we had hot chocolate and cookies, we got to see SANTA(!), and we got to view the big drive through Christmas light display.  The kids also got a bell from Santa and got to joke around with the hobos from the roof.
 They were BESIDE themselves.

We got up this morning, ate breakfast and let the kids swim in the pool at the hotel.  Then, we went and shopped around for a bit.  
I put our address in my phone's GPS and we headed home.
We took a turn that we didn't take on the way up and it led us on a VERY interesting route.
The roads were narrow and it was a very rural area.  
We even went across this ONE lane bridge over WATER. Eeek!
and I think the part we drove on was WOOD.
 When we pulled in the driveway, we were met by this!
Thank you Aunt Marie!!! We love you and hope you have an awesome Christmas!
C Girl is in LOVE with her doll!
B Boy loves his Bendaroos, bowling set and bear!
 Tim loves his Razorback decor!!!


  1. How awesome. Thank you for sharing Sis. Love you all very much.

    AunT Marie

  2. I love the picture of the kiddos with Santa, by-th-way. How precious.

  3. Wow that Santa is awesome!!! And what a cool bunch of packages to come home to.


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