Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day in the Life: Tuesday

Alarm goes off at 5:45 am.
I get out of bed at 6:15. I can tell that my energy level is getting higher with the iron supplements.
I go straight to the kitchen to stand in front of the space heater, make my cup of coffee, and start on the kiddo's lunches.
It's the coldest morning of the year so far, so no one wants to get out of bed!
I finally get the kiddos up to eat breakfast and get dressed.
I finish making lunches, snacks and breakfast in the classroom.
C Girl is not getting around as super as yesterday, ha!
I get her hair fixed and set them up with a few cans for the canned food drive at school.
They are all out the door by 7:06.
Ahhh, time for me to drink coffee and catch up on Twitter!
I start texting a few friends.
One has a sick baby, one has a sick grandpa, and one I'm meeting later in the morning to go visit another friend.
I feel like I have been praying continuously lately. There are so many needs with friends and family and my own immediate family.
I also start getting texts from Tim.  Please pray for him if you will.  Stresses at work are very hard on him right now.
Around 8, I start cleaning the house.  Since my energy is higher, I feel like doing more and I'm so glad.  Plus, next week is Thanksgiving and we always host.  I don't know about you, but I always clean like a fool before holidays. It's not like my house won't get messy with everyone over, but I still have to have it clean!
I'm supposed to go visit my friend at 10, but we hear from her that it would be better if we came at 11.    I email the teacher at school who I do Tuesday folders for and see if I can come later.  She says that is fine, so I just push my day back an hour.
I now have more time to clean and get ready for the day.
I finally make breakfast at 9. That is so unusual for me and I was starving!
I sit down here to write about the beginning of the day.
I also fill out the Thanksgiving menu in my spreadsheet.  I have shopping to do on Thursday and I need to be prepared!
I really need to get my Christmas list going all the way! I have bought a few presents already though.
I leave before 11 to go meet April at Jen's house.
Get to spend a couple of hours holding a sweet baby and having great conversation with two great friends!
I have to leave there and go to the school by 1 pm to do Tuesday folders.  It's so fun to be able to help in the classroom and get to know the teacher and other students better.
I get finished with only 45 minutes left of the school day, so I stay to do some PTO work.
I get the kiddos after the bell rings and we head across town to pick up our family pictures CD from my sweet photographer friend who took our photos.  They are magnificent!
We get home around 3:15 and the kiddos decide to color, I look at our photos and update our day on here.
The kids decide to go outside and play for awhile.
I pick up around the house and start getting things ready for dinner.
Tim will be late getting home tonight; this time it will be after 6 pm.
Pan seared tilapia, steamed honey glazed carrots, and baked potatoes are on the menu for dinner.
Tim gets home just as everything for dinner is ready. We all sit down and eat. Since we are off schedule, baths are right after dinner.
I take a bath too. Mine, however, has Epsom salt in it.
I'm super exhausted tonight.
We do story reading.  The kiddos are cranky tired, yet laughing hysterically at points.
It's one of those nights that we can't get them to bed fast enough.
Once we do bedtime "systems" and they are in bed, I'm doing my bedtime routine and heading to bed myself.

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