Friday, October 12, 2012

Kid-isms and a lost tooth!!!

Sometimes we may get a little down about how things might have happened in our lives.  The early years with my kiddos were some of the hardest of my life.  Not because of the kids, but with the multiple health issues I dealt with.  Some days I can get down about how I didn't have the "perfect" this or "perfect" that.  I wasn't able to everything in detail because there were only a few months of my life with kids where I only had 1 kiddo.  

But, I have realized something.  I am beyond grateful to my God for that time in my life.  He gave me two  precious blessings.  To me, they are synonymous.  There is not one without the other.  They are Irish twins.  I feel so lucky for that.  So, while I may not have had my life soaked into one individual child at a time, I had my life soaked into two at a time.  Always.  It's always C and B.  Who could ask for a better gift than that?

God is doing some changes in my heart and life right now.  I can feel it.  I've struggled for so long with what my calling is.  Recently, I felt Him tell me that He is calling me.  I still don't know what the details are, but I feel it.  There are changes that I still need to make.  I have to be willing and open to what He wants. I have to be still and listen.  Trust me, I'm a busybody and that is so hard for me!  Letting go of things that I need to let go of is hard for me as well!

I wanted to share something that I heard this past week-
People who are successful bring value to themselves;
People who are significant bring value to others.
I want to be a person of significance!
Dirt. It's their favorite.  That's actually sand, but it's all the same to them.
 These two are math lovers! I kinda love that they love math.
The leaves are starting to change!
 We are reading this book as a family right now.  I love reading as a family.
This precious boy lost his very first tooth tonight!  He was so excited and proud! His permanent tooth was already coming in behind it! He gets his first tooth fairy visit tonight!

I also have some funny kid-isms from lately-

I ate lunch with B Boy a couple of weeks ago.  When you come and eat with your child, there are tables up against the wall that parents usually use.  As we sat down to eat, 4 of his friends came over and sat with us too!  It was too cute!

The other day, C Girl was playing something and she was getting on to someone imaginary.  I heard her start counting backwards from 5 just like I do when she is in trouble! So funny!

The kids have started playing school after they get home from school.  I feel so blessed that they both love school and are doing so well in school!

Today, when Tim was dropping the kids off at school, C Girl started flipping out because they were already doing the "pronouncements!" In case you are wondering what that means, she meant announcements :)

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