Wednesday, August 22, 2012

on birthday parties

Growing up, our birthday parties were a cake and ice cream with mom and dad.  There were no themes, no hoopla, and no extended family who came.  When we got older, sometimes a couple of friends would come over.

Since having kids, I have went big.  We have done the kids' parties at our home on the same day.  They both get their own theme and cake and our entire family comes.
Every year, it stresses me out.  
I usually make both cakes, decorate, make food, try to have a game or entertainment and possibly a favor. 
It's a lot of work and I know the kids have always loved it.
I work so hard to pick a day and time that works for just about everyone on both sides of our families.  
I have worked really hard during my kids lives to ensure that they are close and stay close to family.
I didn't have that growing up and I really want that for them.

Tim and I have decided recently that we are evolving how we do the parties.  He is tired of me stressing out about getting everything perfect and hoping that everyone can come.  
And I agree with him.  For me to be able to let go of the perfectionism, we are going to have smaller parties.  And we will probably have them at different locations other than the house.

The kids are getting older and basically all they want to do is go to Chuck E Cheese or the park or bowling.  
Next year, we will let them invite a few friends and go do something fun.  All of our family is still invited to be there, but hopefully I will not be so stressed out about everything!  I just want the day to be fun and celebratory! 

How do you do kid's birthday parties in your family?


  1. Luci's first and second birthday parties I did everything on my own. It wasn't at our house, but everything that went on, I did. Learned my lesson after that. This year we had her birthday party at a bounce house. It cost a little more (maybe) than what I had spent before...but all we did was show up with cupcakes and presents and they did everything! No set-up or clean-up for me!!!! It was the best thing ever!! I may never have another kid party again where I do everything!! She is already asking for Chuck E Cheese for her 4th for me as long as I don't have to set-up or clean-up!!!!!!

  2. I read an excellent article about how out of control holidays in general are these days. Every event has to be planned for months with all the tiny special touches that only the other adults in attendance will notice. Instead of fond memories of family celebrations will our kids remember us as stressed out party planners instead? Something to think about!

    1. Yes, we are inundated with this stuff! From blogs and Pinterest and such! Thankfully, I do not go that overboard! Mainly, I'm just stressed about getting everything done and hoping everyone can come! And just making it super special for the kids. But, I've realized, it doesn't have to be big for the kids to love it.

  3. Girl that is why most of Johnathan's parties have been somewhere else. The park party and the boys' first birthdays were stressful but other than that, pick a party place, bring cake if you like, and enjoy the guests. :)

    1. Yep, definitely going to be somewhere else next year! And I'm showing up with cake!


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