Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fall is in the air

I definitely feel fall in the air.

The weather has been much cooler here this week and I can feel a slight crispness.


Football is here!

Two weeks from today is the first Razorback game!

And we are ranked No. 10 in the country in the pre-season poll!!!  GO HOGS!


School starts on Monday.

Today, I decided to do a little more school clothes shopping thinking it would take me an hour, tops.


The little boys clothes were cleaned out!

All I wanted to get was a striped polo type shirt for B Boy for Monday morning.  That proved very hard to find.  Apparently, every mom had the same idea!

We finally found one and got the kiddos some really cute new shoes.


Last night was open house at the school.

Both of my babies had teachers to meet!  Well, B Boy actually knew his teacher because it is the same one that C Girl had last year!  We really liked C's teacher too! I can't wait to get to know her!

The PTO table was a huge success!  We had LOTS of parents interested in helping out this year!  I was so nervous getting everything ready, but with a little help from a former member, we got it worked out!  It's just going to take time to be at the school and learn where all the PTO stuff is, but I feel much better now about it.  Having lots of support always helps.

Our open house was great!  We had the superintendent, the director of communications, Rep. Tim Summers, and a board member present.  The cafeteria was PACKED for both sessions!  Everyone is so excited about the grants Mary Mae has received for this upcoming year- 21st Century Learning, the Leader in Me, and breakfast in the classroom!

Also, C Girl lost another tooth last night while we were at Red Lobster!  7 now!

Here are pictures from the night!
***and yes, my kids names are on here, but Google can't read that(at least not yet!).  But, I did block out teacher's names for a little privacy, lol!
The kiddos with THE Ms. Mary Mae Jones!


  1. Wow, I can't believe summer's over and school is starting for you guys! I remember your pics of the last day of school and now here you go again!
    Lovely photos! xxx


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