Wednesday, April 11, 2012

my feelings on the Bobby Petrino scandal

Warning***** If you are not a Razorback fan or college football fan, you may just want to skip this post.

We are die hard Razorback fans in my house.  I wasn't one growing up, but since being married, I have grown to love my Razorbacks very, very much. Tim has been a fan ALL his life.  My kiddos have been calling the Hogs since they were able to, probably a year old. 

Last night, the University of Arkansas let go Coach Bobby Petrino.  

The feelings from fans went from angry/disappointed before the press conference to mostly proud afterward.  
The more I think about it, though, I realize that I don't feel proud about what the university did and I don't think Athletic Director Jeff Long felt proud about it either.
I believe he was heartbroken. 
The Petrino family are like family to him.  
He spoke to the players before the press conference and I can only imagine their grief.
See, I don't totally understand the player/coach relationship, but I do know that it can be deep and life long. I've witnessed it in high school, I witnessed it when I worked in the athletic department at Arkansas Tech University and I've witnessed it with my own husband.
He still has relationships with former players that he coached. They still call him Coach. They still call him up and talk about football plays. 
I believe he was also heartbroken for us, the fans.

I don't feel proud because all I can think about are the multiple families who are greatly suffering right now.  
Did Coach Petrino mess up? 
Why yes, yes he did.  
But you know what? 
We all do. 
I hold no animosity towards him.  

I'm so disappointed that things happened as they did. 
I'm so disappointed that he let so many people down.
But mainly?
I'm so sad and heartbroken for the deep wounds that are gaping in these families.

Sure, I'm sad that we are losing Coach Petrino.  He is an amazing coach. 

I will always remember my children's first season of going to Razorback games and the Hogs running out to the announcement of "Here come Bobby Petrino's Arkansas Razorbacks!!!" over the loudspeaker.
It has been interesting having to explain to our kiddos why our coach is not going to be our coach any longer.  You see, B boy loved Bobby Petrino.  You know why? Because he coached our Arkansas Razorbacks.  That was enough to warrant great love from B boy.
So, last night we had to tell them that he wouldn't be coach anymore because he did some things he was not supposed to do and he did not tell the truth about it.  We always express to them that you must always tell the truth and confess up when you are in the wrong.

I remember when I was growing up, hearing from teachers at church that sin will ALWAYS be found out.  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but at some point- it will come out. 
And sin ALWAYS holds consequences. Choices and decisions we make ALWAYS have repercussions. 
I'm sure Coach Petrino has even said similar words to his players at times. But it's true, we all mess up at some point.
So, no, I'm not proud about the firing.  I'm just heartbroken.

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