Sunday, April 29, 2012

Catching up on our week {April 21-28}

I have missed blogging lately!

From Saturday the 21st, until yesterday, our week has been pretty busy! A lot of things are finally winding down,  AND I am feeling better. I was sick at the beginning of last week and it really kicked my tail!
Sooo, I'm just going to get up to speed on what we have been up to.
I took about eleventy million pictures this last week and it was hard to narrow it down to all of these.
Here's B Boy before his 2nd Tee Ball game-
After his game, we went and visited my family-
Precious baby cousins
These kiddos love the park :-)
 They had their awards night for AWANA
I'm so proud of all they have learned this year!
C Girlie's class went to the local firestation
B Boy's PreK class had a gymnastics show that they had been working all year on!
Everyone did an awesome job!
Yesterday, he had his 3rd Tee ball game
There is something about watching little boys play baseball. I LOVE it!
I hope you have a very wonderful week friends!

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