Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break & Sickness

So, last week was our spring break here.
It started off very promising. 11 days off from school- woohoo!
The week before spring break, I had gotten very sick. It was just a virus, but ended up lasting 10 days and into spring break.
and then, C girl got sick the first night of spring break and it lasted for most of the week.
I could have handled all that, but I was not prepared for...
the rain.
The pictures below are from Sunday.
C girl was still not feeling the best, but the forecast for Monday-Friday was rain. and lots of it.
We knew if we wanted to have some fun outside, it would have to be done on that day.
I love the Wild Wilderness Safari.  This was our 4th visit over the past 3 years.
It's so fun because there is a drive through part where you get to see so many interesting animals and there is a petting zoo part as well.
B boy also rode a camel for the 2nd time in his life while we were there.
We also watched a lot of movies and ate out a lot over Spring Break. {We tried out a new fried fish restaurant in our town, The Flying Fish, and it was awesome!!!}
On Thursday, I had a doctors visit that went very well.  I'm still working actively on trying to figure out how to feel better with the chronic issue that I have.
And we had a nice little visit from my SIL Veronica and two of my nephews.
Saturday, I had a date with one of my fave people- Jessica!  We met up in Ft. Smith to go see The Hunger Games movie.  We didn't take one photo! Boohoo!  BUT, the movie was awesome! I'm sad that it's 20 months until Catching Fire will be in theaters!

Yesterday was sunny and beautiful so after church and lunch with some Sunday School class members, we headed out to go on a little hike and to check out the beautiful tulips around town. Here are the pictures of the gorgeous flowers!

It was definitely not our most memorable spring break, but it wasn't all bad.  I'm so looking forward to the gorgeous weather this week. Ya know, the week after spring break!

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